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Wednesday, October 29, webinar on Inspektor QLF™ 

On wednesday, October 29 a webinar will be held  starting at 16:00 hours CET. The people behind Inspektor and QLF™ will present their vision of the future and explain their plans.

Invest in Dentistry 2.0

Inspektor develops, manufactures and sells diagnostic equipment and software that enables dental professionals to detect and treat failing oral hygiene and incipient caries at a very early stage.

We are looking for investors to help us produce and market our new products and we have started a crowdfunding campaign offering convertible bonds. For more information click here.

Investeer in Tandheelkunde 2.0

Inspektor maakt diagnostische apparatuur en software waarmee we tandheelkundige professionals onder meer in staat stellen beginnende cariës in een vroeg stadium op te sporen en te behandelen.

Voor het produceren en vermarkten van onze nieuwste producten zoeken we investeerders via crowdfunding. Voor meer informatie over de campagne en de condities van de converteerbare obligatielening klik hier.


QLF-D Camera

QLF-D Biluminator™ 2+

Our new 2nd generation QLF-Digital systems and its proprietary software suites are available in various configurations, serving clinical and/or R&D professionals. You'll find all turn key sets available at our products page for research and clinical use.



Webinar on crowdfunding
On wednesday, October 29 a webinar will be held starting at 16:00hr CET. To speed up the development Read More ...

Inspektor: Evidence Based Diagnostics

Quantitative Light Induced Fluorescence (QLF™), a patented technology developed by Inspektor Research Systems, is the first technology that reliably detects and monitors early stages of tooth decay and its cause: active bacteria that produce the acids that dissolve tooth-tissue, making it susceptible to decay. QLF™ is the first technology ... Read more

White spot as seen by normal white light and fluorescence

Extended vision Extend the power of your professional eye with QLF™. >>>
Quantify your diagnosis Put concrete numbers to demineralization and bacterial activity. >>>
Monitor your treatment Show the effectiveness of your actions. >>> 
Share it with your patients! QLF™ redefines patient communication and compliance. >>>