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QLF-D Camera

C4 officially released

In March 2016, the new C4 QLF Research Suite was officially released. C4 is the successor of the previous research suite that consisted of a separate program for image acquisition and image analysis. C4 integrates these two functions and brings the user interface up to date with full touch screen support and more intuitive access.

QLF-D Biluminator™ 3

Our new 2nd generation QLF-Digital systems and its proprietary software suites are available in various configurations, serving clinical and/or R&D professionals. You'll find all turn key sets available at our products page for research and clinical use.


The Qraycam brings the QLF-D Biluminator functionality to the dental chair: light-weight, beautifully designed and very easy to handle, the Qraycam, together with the flexible and intuitive Qray software brings QLF™ to the dental chair. Stop messing around with plaque disclosing dye and start clean, fast and objective plaque measurement now!



NZa assigns code for QLF™
The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) has assigned a reimbursement code for the use of QLF by dental professionals. Read more ...

QLF™ in Uzbekistan
Presentation of QLF and related products on the dental conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan was breaking news on national television.

QLF in Uzbekistan

TMR Digital
No film or glass plates needed anymore!
Read more..

New information about QLF™

Introduction of the Qraycam P. Crielaars: The importance of QLF QLF assessment of gingivitis risk
Dynamics of RF Plaque during Gingivitis challenge
Demonstration of the use of the Qraycam and the Qscan (Dutch, no subtitles yet) Vision of the importance of QLF by Dr. Peter Crielaers (Dutch, no subtitles yet) Article showing the ability of red fluorescence measured with QLF to differentiate between low, medium and high inflammatory risk.

Inspektor: Evidence Based Diagnostics

Quantitative Light Induced Fluorescence (QLF™), a patented technology developed by Inspektor Research Systems, is the first technology that reliably detects and monitors early stages of tooth decay and its cause: active bacteria that produce the acids that dissolve tooth-tissue, making it susceptible to decay. QLF™ is the first technology ... Read more

White spot as seen by normal white light and fluorescence

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